8 Simplistic Necklaces You’ll Want To Wear

8 Simplistic Necklaces You’ll Want To Wear

You can’t go wrong with understated jewelry. If you are a fan of wearing necklaces, some days call for effortless pieces that you can easily wear to work or for a quick outing. From delicate chains to tiny pendants, here are a few simplistic necklaces that you can pair with your everyday wardrobe.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Butterfly Wing Necklace | IB Jewelry


Butterfly Wing Necklace - Dainty and meaningful, this Butterfly Wing Necklace has a cute butterfly pendant that can be worn as a personal reminder or symbol of hope. It’s stylish and minimal-inspired design makes for a beautiful daily statement necklace. Adds a special touch to any outfit. Looks great alone or layered with other dainty, barely-there necklaces.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Organic Pearl Necklace | IB Jewelry


Organic Pearl Drop Necklace - A beautiful necklace that’s easy to style and wear. Dress up your look with a touch of chic elegance. This organic pearl necklace is an update to a timeless classic. Made with a gorgeous one-of-a-kind keshi pearl with a lustrous finish. A simple, yet feminine necklace that can dress up any outfit.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Hammered Disc Necklace | IB Jewelry


Small Hammered Disc Necklace - Perfectly minimal to wear as an everyday favorite. This easy, super-simple disc necklace layers well alongside other thin chain necklaces. Sleek and modern, this small pendant necklace is versatile to wear with office attire for a minimalist look.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Delicate Rainbow Necklace | IB Jewelry


Delicate Rainbow Necklace - A small meaningful necklace that celebrates hope, harmony, and new beginnings. Wear it as an everyday reminder to appreciate the beauty of each day. Share it with a friend or loved one as a thoughtful jewelry gift. If you like personal, meaningful jewelry, you’ll appreciate the simple pendant design and shimmering cable chain.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Small Dainty Heart Necklace | IB Jewelry


Small Dainty Heart Necklace - An easy statement necklace that's chic and minimalist. It has a cute heart stamped pendant design that’s simple, yet stylish. Enhances any office wardrobe with a subtle elegance. Wear it solo or layer it with another dainty necklace.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Personalized Initial Disc Necklace | IB Jewelry


Personalized Initial Disc Necklace - Wear this necklace as a reminder of a friend, family member or loved one. This simple statement necklace can be personalized with your favorite person’s initial. Features a delicate cable chain. It’s a necklace you can wear everyday that goes with everything. Makes a gorgeous keepsake that’s handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled. 


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Delicate Double Strand Necklace | IB Jewelry


Delicate Double Strand Necklace - A delicate tiny beaded chain necklace with a classic and feminine design. This simple layered necklace can elevate a casual outfit. Adds a touch of elegance for those dressier occasions. A favorite jewelry piece to update any look.


Simplistic Necklace You'll Want To Wear | Simple Tiny Ball Necklace | IB Jewelry


Simple Tiny Ball Necklace - A basic essential piece that’s subtle and minimal. This understated necklace complements almost any outfit. Wear with a nice casual dress or your favorite jeans and t-shirt. This everyday favorite will take you from day to night. Wear solo or layer with multiple dainty necklaces. Made in quality .925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled. 


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