Jewelry Care

Keep your pieces looking beautiful.


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To extend the life-cycle of your jewelry here are a few basic care tips:

To prevent and reduce tarnish, remove your pieces before bathing/ showering and exercising.

  • Swimming pool chemicals aren't too great for your jewelry. Try to remove your jewelry before swimming to prevent any damage.
  • Exposure to water and sweat will cause oxidation and encourage your item(s) to tarnish faster. Tarnish is a temporary discoloration that can easily be removed with a mild dish soap or gentle jewelry cleaner. After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry with a soft cloth.

Put your jewelry on after applying makeup or any hair and body products. If wearing perfume or body lotion, allow your skin to dry before wearing your favorite pieces.

  • The ingredients in perfume and personal care products can react with the skin's pH to cause tarnish or discoloration.

Try to avoid your jewelry coming into contact with household cleaning products.

  • Common household cleaners contain chemicals that can damage or alter the overall finish or appearance of the surface metal.

Be sure to store your jewelry in its original packaging, in a clean dry place alone or with similar items in an air-tight container.

To remove dirt and oil from your jewelry, simply fill a bowl with water, add dish washing liquid and soak for a few minutes. Use a soft cloth to gently remove any spots or discolorations.


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Sterling Silver | Gold Filled | Rose Gold Filled

Sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper. (925) Sterling Silver is sensitive to water, moisture and humidity. This excess moisture will cause it to naturally oxidize. Don't worry - any tarnish can easily be removed with a jewelry polishing cloth. Care - Keep away from water and store in a cool, dry place.

12k / 14k Gold Filled is made with a thicker layer of actual gold. This results in better quality compared to regular gold-plated items. Gold Filled makes a beautiful and economical alternative to Solid Gold.

Since the outer layer consists of karat gold, it does not tarnish as fast as Sterling Silver. Care - Keep away from water and store in a cool, dry place.

12k / 14k Rose Gold Filled is similar to Gold Filled pieces with its outer layer consisting of real gold. Yet, it has a higher percentage of Copper to give its rose or pink hue. A small percentage of Silver is added to its composition. Care - Keep away from water and store in a cool, dry place.


Gold Plated |  Silver Plated | Brass | Copper

While most of our items are made in Sterling Silver, Gold Filled or Rose Gold Filled, we may use plated components in a select number of designs. Gold and Silver Plated jewelry can tarnish or oxidize faster, but can still last a long time with proper care.

The metal plating may temporarily discolor due to different factors: exposure to air, sweat, oils, dirt, perfume, lotion, chemicals, and the skin's pH.

Items that have tarnished (become darker) due to normal wear and exposure to chemicals or body products are not defective. The tarnish can be removed with a mild jewelry cleaner or jewelry cloth.

  • Using a soft jewelry cloth is an easy way to keep your jewelry looking new.
  • Gently clean with warm, soapy water; do not scrub as this will cause the plating to wear off faster. Dry with a soft cloth.

Care - Brass and Copper items can be cleaned & polished with lemon juice or a mixture of vinegar and salt. Amazingly, coating your item in a container with ketchup is an easy cleaner. Let sit for up to 20 minutes, then rinse under running water. Dry with a soft cloth.


To protect the overall quality and underlying color/ image of your stud earrings, please remove before bathing or swimming. Please try to keep these earrings away from water. If contact with water is made, simply dry with a soft cloth and store in the original clear bag or in a sealed air-tight bag.


Metal sensitivity and allergies are pretty common. If irritation, such as itchiness, swelling or a rash occurs, please discontinue wearing your item.


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Gemstones | Pearls

We use genuine gemstones in our designs. Our collection includes an array of lovely semi-precious and precious gemstones. We use Freshwater Pearls, renown for their classic beauty. Avoid contact with chemicals, including perfume.

Select pieces are made with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) or Swarovski Crystal.

Care - Clean with warm soapy water. Pat dry and store in a cool, dry place.