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Ultra Thin Nose Rings and Cartilage Hoops

Simple. Thin. Endless. It's all about the nose and cartilage hoops! We have you covered for a barely-there look with our delicate 26 gauge ultra-thin hoop, or go thicker with the 24 gauge (super-thin), 22 gauge (thin), or 20 gauge (standard). Thicker gauge sizes available in 18 gauge (thick) and 16 gauge (extra-thick). Endless Nose Hoops + Endless Cartilage Hoops 

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Delicate Layering Necklaces

 Whether you're wanting something to wear everyday, or just for those special moments, take a look at some of our lovely pieces... Hammered Tiny Disc Necklace | Simple Thin Satellite Chain Necklace | Herkimer Diamond Necklace | Tiny Minimalist Pearl Necklace

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