Affordable Dainty Jewelry


Affordable Dainty Jewelry | IB Jewelry

Affordable dainty jewelry to keep you looking chic everyday. This simple delicate jewelry is subtle, yet unique, and can be beautifully layered with other minimalist or statement pieces.

Small Delicate Bracelets | IB Jewelry

Thin chain bracelets for effortless style.
| Small Delicate Bracelets |
Simple + Dainty Pieces.
| Small Delicate Single Pearl Necklace |
Layer with your favorite outfits.
| Satellite Bracelet |
Satellite Necklace| Thin Chain Dew Drop Necklace | IB Jewelry
Minimalist Layering Necklace
| Satellite Thin Chain Dew Drop Necklace |
Small Dainty Necklace
| Hammered Tiny Disc Necklace |
Delicate Cuff and Thin Chain Stacking Rings
Dainty rings to keep it simple and chic...
| Minimalist Everyday Rings |
Delicate Thin Band Chain Ring
| Delicate Thin Band Chain Ring |
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