Minimalist Gemstone Jewelry

Minimalist Gemstone Necklaces
Our minimalist gemstone jewelry is made to order using a lovely variety of raw, rough-cut, and faceted gemstones and pearls.
Rose Quartz Teardrop Necklace | IB Jewelry
Delicate Gemstone Drop Necklace | Gorgeous Faceted Rose Quartz Necklace
Aquamarine Bar Necklace | IB Jewelry
Delicate Gemstone Necklace | Enchanting Ombre Aquamarine Bar Necklace
Raw Amethyst Necklace | IB Jewelry
Minimalist Boho Necklace | Raw Amethyst Necklace
Delicate Herkimer Diamond and Pearl Bracelet | IB Jewelry
Dainty Everyday Bracelet | Herkimer Diamond & Pearl Bracelet
Delicate Tiny Pearl Thin Chain Ring
Thin Dainty Ring | Tiny Freshwater Pearl Thin Chain Ring
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