Plain Chain Necklace | Simple Delicate Necklace

Plain Chain Necklace | Simple Delicate Necklace | IB Jewelry


Simple and delicate, our Sterling Silver or Gold Filled plain chain necklace is ideal for a completely minimalist look. A classic chain highlights an ultra-sleek design that's timeless.


Plain Gold Chain Necklace | Plain Silver Chain Necklace | IB Jewelry 


This dainty, thin chain necklace can be worn alone or styled with other pieces for layering. Make it personal by attaching a charm or pendent to the shimmery 2mm cable chain for a special touch.


Plain Chain Necklace | Thin Chain Necklace | IB Jewelry 


 Our selection is available in varying lengths, where this lightweight necklace can be adjusted by 1/2 inch. The shorter length starts at 14 inches, which is fabulous as a choker. Our standard necklace is ideal for a regular and longer length.


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