Raw Emerald Necklace

Raw Emerald Necklace | IB Jewelry
There's something absolutely enchanting about emeralds. If you love this gorgeous gemstone, you'll appreciate these delicate raw Emerald necklaces. 
Naturally brilliant, these dainty handcrafted necklaces are made with genuine Colombian Emerald gemstones, ranging in color from translucent medium to dark green with minimal tiny brown flecks.
Minimalist Raw Emerald Satellite Chain Necklace | Raw Emerald Necklace | IB Jewelry
Keep it simple with this raw Colombian Emerald necklace. With having a solitaire design, this dainty minimalist necklace showcases a single emerald gemstone, centered along an elegant tiny beaded chain.
Tiny Raw Emerald Crystal Dew Drop Necklace | Raw Emerald Necklace | IB Jewelry
If you want more than a solitaire, three tiny raw Colombian Emerald gemstones are nestled together as a short gemstone bar necklace for subtle glam. The gemstones are paired with a lovely tiny beaded chain.
These raw emerald necklaces are a great addition to any gemstone jewelry lover's collection. The May birthstone also makes a gorgeous uniquely handcrafted birthday gift that's timeless.