Simple Dainty Cross Necklace

Simple Dainty Cross Necklaces | Tiny Cross Necklace | IB Jewelry
Celebrate your Christian faith with a lovely handcrafted cross necklace. These gold and silver tiny cross necklaces are simple and delicate with a small hand stamped cross disc pendant that hangs from a thin chain.
Simple Dainty Cross Necklace | Tiny Cross Necklace | IB Jewelry
An everyday delicate necklace with a thin shimmering cable chain, this simple cross necklace is beautifully dainty and minimalist. Wear for any occasion alone or layered with your favorite necklaces.
Cross Dew Drop Necklace | Simple Dainty Cross Necklace | IB Jewelry
A feminine small cross necklace that's undeniable elegant with its tiny beaded chain. The subtle cross design is sophisticated for a classic and timeless look.
Gift Ideas:
A meaningful faith gift in remembrance or celebration - Birthday, Communion, Anniversary or Baptism.
Both handcrafted necklaces are available in either 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.