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Simple Everyday Necklaces | IB Jewelry


Having an array of necklaces is great, but you always have your favorite pieces.

These timeless necklaces have an effortless appeal. From the classic simple chain to the newer minimalist necklaces, they are an added essential to any jewelry collection.

Since many of these dainty necklaces are thin, they can be worn solo or beautifully layered with other pieces.

We've gathered some delicate everyday necklaces that can be worn with practically any outfit in any season.


Hammered Disc Necklace | Simple Everyday Necklace | IB Jewelry

| Hammered Disc Necklace |


When you want a chic and understated necklace to wear with jeans or no-fuss work attire.


Curved Bar Necklace | Simple Everyday Necklace | IB Jewelry

| Curved Bar Necklace |


A thin, sleek, and cool minimalist necklace.


Satellite Necklace | Simple Everyday Necklace | IB Jewelry 

| Satellite Necklace |


 A small dainty necklace you can appreciate wearing for feminine simplicity.


Keshi Pearl Necklace | Dainty Pearl Necklace | IB Jewelry

| Keshi Pearl Necklace |


Pearls don't have to be boring. We love this Keshi Pearl Necklace for its gorgeous luster, and unique organic shape.


Plain Chain Necklace | Simple Everyday Necklace | IB Jewelry

| Plain Everyday Chain Necklace |


For when you want something completely minimalist. A super simple thin chain necklace that goes with everything. Make your own custom necklace by adding a meaningful charm or pendant.


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