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Raw Emerald Necklace

There's something absolutely enchanting about emeralds. If you love this gorgeous gemstone, you'll appreciate these delicate raw Emerald necklaces.  Naturally brilliant, these dainty handcrafted necklaces are made with genuine Colombian Emerald gemstones, ranging in color from translucent medium to dark green with minimal tiny brown flecks. Minimalist Raw Emerald Satellite Chain Necklace Keep it simple with this raw Colombian Emerald necklace. With having a solitaire design, this dainty minimalist necklace showcases a single emerald gemstone, centered along an elegant tiny beaded chain. Tiny Raw Emerald Crystal Satellite Chain Necklace If you want more than a solitaire, three tiny raw Colombian Emerald gemstones are nestled together as a short gemstone bar necklace for subtle glam. The gemstones are paired with a lovely...

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Dainty Handmade Jewelry

Whether you're in search of dainty and understated to super simple jewelry, we've rounded up some handmade, delicate everyday pieces in uniquely beautiful styles. Oval Link Dainty Chain Bracelet A sophisticated and classic bracelet that's perfect for wearing solo or layering with other delicate bracelets. The shimmering link chain adds a touch of understated elegance to any outfit. Butterfly Necklace A small dainty necklace that's cute and chic. The beautiful hand stamped butterfly disc is symbolic of new beginnings and hope. Share as a meaningful gift to a friend or loved one. Keshi Pearl Dew Drop Necklace For organic pearl lovers, you'll appreciate this lovely freeform Keshi pearl necklace. The tiny beaded chain adds a touch of elegance, making this...

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Simple Dainty Cross Necklace

Celebrate your Christian faith with a lovely handcrafted cross necklace. These gold and silver tiny cross necklaces are simple and delicate with a small hand stamped cross disc pendant that hangs from a thin chain. Dainty Cross Necklace An everyday delicate necklace with a thin shimmering cable chain, this simple cross necklace is beautifully dainty and minimalist. Wear for any occasion alone or layered with your favorite necklaces. Cross Dew Drop Necklace  A feminine small cross necklace that's undeniable elegant with its tiny beaded chain. The subtle cross design is sophisticated for a classic and timeless look. Gift Ideas: A meaningful faith gift in remembrance or celebration - Birthday, Communion, Anniversary or Baptism. Both handcrafted necklaces are available in either 14k Gold...

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Cute Dainty Jewelry

  Minimal-inspired handcrafted jewelry that's chic for everyday wear.     Here are a few dainty jewelry finds that are simple, cute, and sleek.     Plus, these are effortless pieces to transition from work to play, day or night.      They also make darling gifts for birthdays, meaningful celebrations, or just as a thoughtful jewelry gift. Share a smile with a hug to celebrate special milestones with your loved ones and friends.         Pineapple Necklace | Butterfly Necklace | Tiny Heart Dew Drop Necklace | Single Freshwater Pearl Bracelet | Tanzanite Gemstone Bar Bracelet

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Small Dainty Necklaces

   Whether you're looking for a "go-to" minimalist necklace or wanting to add a few sophisticated pieces to layer with your jewelry collection, these handmade small dainty necklaces are perfectly simple and delicate to add subtle charm to your everyday style.           Simple, yet gorgeous staple pieces never go out of style, plus they complement any look.      Grab one for yourself and gift one to your best friend.       Check them out... Curved Bar Necklace | Butterfly Wing Necklace | Keshi Pearl Necklace | Satellite Necklace 

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